Unleash bullets and mean curses that were the rage 60 years ago in this trigger-happy-grandma shooter.

This game was made for My First Game Jam, Summer 2020 : it is *actually* my first game jam game. For all intents of purposes, this game is a learning project, but I tried my hardest to slap some home-made music and grandma-based humor on top of it in an attempt to make it fun for the couple minutes it lasts.

This game features custom-made assets by Kiwi (@KiwiComet) and free assets from Castpixel (@castpixel), Trix (@Trixelized), Kenney Assets and Roboxel.

If you liked the music and want to support me, you can purchase the game's soundtrack on Bandcamp : https://leafletmusic.bandcamp.com/album/nicolette

AuthorLeaf Let
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Funny


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Quality humor and music, awesome jam entry. 💪 Granny can't handle all the love!! 💘🔫


Granny says "Thank you" <3

Hahah I love games with hilarous dialogs and this just made my day.

Thanks a bunch <3

Great fun game with a fun story ! The soundtrack is really good too :)
Good job !


Thanks for your kind words <3