A small narrative game in which you reminisce about your significant other while jumping on ducks.

CONTROLS : Arrow keys to move, Space key to jump

Walking past the right corner of the screen spawns objects, while walking past the left corner despawns them.

CONTENT WARNING : The story tackles disability and abandonment.

This game was made during Brackeys Game Jam 2020.2, around the theme : "Rewind".

Design, Writing, Programming and Music : Leaf Let (https://twitter.com/LetLeaf)
Art, Design and Additional Code : Dragons But Also Rabbits (https://dragons-but-also-rabbits.itch.io/)
Font by Castpixel (https://twitter.com/castpixel)

If you play this game (and read this far into the description), please leave us a rating and tell us what you thought!

P.S. : You can find the soundtrack here : https://soundcloud.com/user-161601946-374728707/come-with-me-to-duck-kingdom


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The art and music are really good, although I spent so long trying to figure out where the platforms were that the music started to feel repetitive and less impactful. I think if the platforms were indicated by differently colored pixels it would alleviate the problem a lot. Good submission though!

Thank you! That's the one thing I've really learned from people's feedback, making the platforms more obvious haha - definitely will work on that!


Nice atmosphere, nice art and sound, maybe the platforms could be better X)

But really great job for the ambience!

These platforms are the bane of my game dev carreer haha

Thank you for your feedback and kind words!


Hey man, Chuster here! Great job, especially tacking this thing alone! As for feedback, yeah, at the beginning I was confused on what to do, mostly because the platforms aren't visually standing out as actual platforms, so I had to read the comments below to get through haha. Otherwise, congrats on your game!

Thanks a bunch! I clearly need to level up my affordance game haha, thanks for your kind words and taking the time to play the game!


Wow. You have made me unbelievably sad (in a good way, I suppose haha). Amazing story-telling and the music and art fits perfectly. Platforming is simple but effective, even though it didn't need to be; you probably could've made the gameplay filing taxes and I still would've kept playing just to read the next text popup :)


Damn, that was a *huge* bucket of compliments you just dumped on me there, thank you so much!  
I'll try to make you happier next time!!

i dont understand what i have to do, but nice art and song. Cheers!

Oh no! I'm sorry the instructions weren't clear enough!
You're supposed to move past the right end of the screen to spawn platforms to reach the window. Sometimes corrupted objects will spawn, making it necessary to go to the left end of the screen to rewind them.

Thank you for your kind comment!


Aw this was amazing.  For anybody who is a little confused, there are invisible platforms that correspond pretty well to the art in the background.  You have to jump on them to make it through the window.  First you need to actually get enough platforms though, which you achieve by walking off the right of the screen repeatedly.  If you get a platform that looks like garbage though, walk off the left to remove it.


Thanks a bunch, that was really sweet!

Yes, the platforming definitely isn't this game's greatest achievement haha, I'm still a novice when it comes to design and I definitely learned a lot *as I was doing it*